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Compact & Bale provide a comprehensive and full range of Waste Compactors, Balers, Polystyrene Compactors, Can and PET Bottle Briquetters, Bin Presses and Liquid Draining Machines to some of Britain’s biggest businesses.



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Goblands Farm Business Centre
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Our range of market first innovations provide significant and direct environmental and financial benefits whilst also saving on labour with our ‘Automate to Save’ range.

Our equipment is of the highest quality and with its reduced lifetime cost, provides the greatest return on investment.

If you require a waste management and collection service, or a purchaser for your cardboard and plastic bales, we can provide this nationally as a package with equipment or as a standalone service.

Waste Compactors

Baler Machines

 Flexus Balasystem Baler Wrapper 

 Compactor Servicing & Repairs 

Baler Servicing & Repairs 

 Waste Supplies

Wheelie Bins

Baling Wire

Baling Strap

Baling Twine

Waste Management 


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