Why do Novalux recommend Thermal Oil

Novalux Energy provides engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of technology, with turnkey installation and our own UK team, meaning that we can design and install the best technology for your business. To fuel with 10,000-150,000 tonnes of RDF per year, a Sugimat thermal oil boiler coupled with Turboden ORC will provide a long-term solution and attractive ROI. Watch the technology being installed below.

The best technology for or sites up to 50MW without need for steam is a Sugimat thermal oil boiler and Turboden ORC. Novalux recommends thermal oil boilers as the technology pairs well with ORC whilst also lending itself to smaller scale EfW, this is because thermal oil can generate high temperature at low pressure which keeps installation and operation costs down.

Sugimat has developed the Horizon+ rotary boiler in order to handle difficult fuel types such as RDF. The boiler continuously rotates, and a granular media passes through the rotating coil inside of the boiler to automatically clean the surface from ash residue, ensuring peak performance at all times. Novalux recommends this technology to help customers cut down on maintenance and prolong the life of their system. The boiler can be paired with an

Organic Rankine Cycle to generate power on site in addition to heat.
The Turboden Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) generates power from heat produced by a boiler. The technology runs off thermal oil so works well in conjunction with the Sugimat Horizon+ rotary boiler. The ORC has a closed loop circuit using a working fluid which continuously flows through a low RPM turbine to generate power. Due to the use of thermal oil, the system has a high efficiency and is much simpler to operate in comparison to a steam turbine. Novalux recommends the Turboden ORC to generate high efficiency power in addition to hot water for heating or process loads.

Novalux is technology agnostic which means we will only ever recommend the most suitable system for the demands of your site. With over ten years in the renewables industry we’re able to guide our customers with the knowledge we’ve acquired from more than 100 installations of renewable technology.

To learn more about the technology we install, why it works and the ROI you can expect to see, watch Joe Allcott, Novalux Energy’s Managing Director talk about how you can use a thermal oil boiler and ORC to generate heat and power from RDF here.

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