WRAP unveils Recycle Week 2021 theme 

WRAP has unveiled the theme for its 19th annual Recycle Week, taking place between 20-26 September.

Last year, landmarks such as the Blackpool Tower was lit up in green to mark Recycle Week

The resources charity says it will aim to bring the nation together during the week to unite against climate change, with the theme of: ‘Step It Up this Recycle Week’.

Last year, landmarks such as the Blackpool Tower was lit up in green to mark Recycle Week

Sarah Clayton, head of citizen behaviour change at WRAP, said: “We know that climate change is an issue people are passionate about. Often we can feel powerless to act, but recycling is one activity that we can all do to help the planet.

“As a nation our commitment to recycling has continued to grow, even during the challenges of the last year. We want Recycle Week 2021 to inspire more people to Step It Up and fight climate change”.

Earlier this year, WRAP said after the “amazing response” to its inaugural Food Waste Action Week in March, Recycle Week has the potential to be the “most significant” since the campaign began (see letsrecycle.com story).


Partly funded by the UK government, WRAP also announced that soft drink manufacturers Britvic and Pepsico have joined forces to donate to the week.

They join a growing list of donors which includes Coca-Cola, Coop, Danone, Ocado, and Waitrose & Partners UK.

WRAP said that the financial backing from these donors enables it to help more citizens to change their recycling behaviours.

Jamie Mackay, general manager UK Beverages at PepsiCo, said: “We fully support the ambition of Recycle Week and are proud to join WRAP for the campaign again in 2021. Despite a challenging year, people across the country are continuing to take small but meaningful actions to help protect the environment. Recycling helps drive a circular economy, ensuring packaging can have a second life. As we work towards our 2022 goal of 100% recycled plastic bottles across our ready-to-drink beverages in Great Britain, we hope that Recycle Week inspires even more people to step up their support this year.”


WRAP reported that last year’s Recycle Week “shifted people’s views”, with 73% saying they are prepared to make lifestyle compromises to benefit the environment and 93% agreeing that everyone has a responsibility to help clean up the environment.

The theme for Recycle Week 2020 thanked the nation for continuing to recycle despite the challenges of Covid-19, and launched under the banner ‘Together – We Recycle’.


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