WRAP reveals details of Recycle Week 2021  

Resources charity WRAP has announced that its 19th annual Recycle Week will take place between 20-26 September, and has named the first corporate donors of this year’s event.

Last year, landmarks such as the Blackpool Tower was lit up in green to mark Recycle Week
Last year, landmarks such as the Blackpool Tower were lit up in green to mark Recycle Week

While the theme hasn’t yet been unveiled, WRAP says after the “amazing response” to its inaugural Food Waste Action Week earlier this month, Recycle Week has the potential to be the “most significant” since the campaign began in 2004.

The first donors include several major retailers and household brands who have committed to supporting Recycle Week. Co-op, Coca-Cola Great Britain, Danone, Ocado and Waitrose are the first to confirm their involvement in the annual campaign to inspire more recycling, more widely and more often.

Last year was the first in which WRAP sought commercial funding for the annual campaign, with fifteen donors supporting the 2020 campaign.

WRAP said that this financial support enabled it to “significantly increase” the scope of Recycle Week and raise its profile.

The organisation says it is currently speaking with potential corporate funders and is keen to hear from interested businesses and brands who wish to support Recycle Week.


Rebecca Pow, environment minister at Defra, said: “Recycling plays a crucial role in protecting the environment and getting the most out of our precious and finite resources.

“Recycle Week is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the important progress we are making”

Rebecca Pow, environment minister

“We have a very exciting future ahead for recycling in the UK, including our landmark reforms for packaging and waste collections which will make it easier for consumers and businesses to recycle more of what they use every day.

“Recycle Week is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the important progress we are making and to raise awareness of what more we can all do to recycle and reuse our waste and resources.”


In the same announcement, WRAP also unveiled findings from its recycling tracker report.

The report shows that self-reported recycling has increased across the UK in 2020: 89% say they regularly recycle (up from 87% in March) and 56% say they are recycling more in the past year.

Just over half (56%) of households dispose of items in the general rubbish that could be collected for recycling from their home – most notably foil and aerosols.

WRAP says that the survey highlights there is a pressing need in 2021 to better guide and direct citizens recycling efforts to minimise contamination.

Marcus Gover, WRAP CEO said: “We know that Recycle Week is something the public are extremely passionate about and saw a huge response to Food Waste Action Week too. It’s clear the public wants action on the environment and is keen to be part of the change needed – and that’s what Recycle Week is all about.

“Last year we had our most successful Recycle Week ever, despite the pandemic, and due in no small part to the overwhelming support of our donors. We know that as much as 44% of people say they would be more likely to purchase or shop with a brand that supports Recycle Week, so this year I want to go even further, and for that we need even more UK businesses and brands to get on board.”

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