West Sussex unveils new branding for PFI waste contract

West Sussex county council has chosen a new logo to spearhead its 25-year PFI waste and recycling contract with Viridor Waste Management.

The “Reclaim West Sussex” branding will appear on recycling banks and waste vehicles across the county when the new waste disposal contract begins in April 2004.

Brand new:(from left) West Sussex cabinet member Steve Waight, council leader Henry Smith and Mike Hellings, Viridor MD

Backed by 26 million worth of Private Finance Initiative credits from the government, the contract will aim to get from the current 20% recycling rate for household waste to 45% by 2015.

Unveiling the new logo, West Sussex council leader Henry Smith said: “This will play an important role in helping to show generations to come the importance of recycling. We all have to work together to protect the environment for our children and grandchildren. 'Reclaim West Sussex' is an important part of the council's contribution to this process.”

Commenting on the contract's new logo, Viridor's managing director Mike Hellings said: “The new branding reflects our joint aim of reclaiming lots more of the materials that would otherwise be thrown away.”

The contract, which is likely to have a value in the range of 100 million to 125 million over the 25 years, will see Viridor running the county's 11 civic amenity sites and processing 70% of the green waste collected in West Sussex.

”This is a major and highly significant contract with many innovative features.“
– Steve Waight, West Sussex county council

Steve Waight, West Sussex county council's cabinet member for environment, said the council hoped to better its 45% recycling target by 2015.

“This is a major and highly significant contract with many innovative features,” Mr Waight said. “It will lead to closer working relationships (with the county's waste collection authority partners) all designed to make sure we meet government targets and reduce our dependence on landfill as a means of waste disposal.”

The council has included 'significant' financial penalties if recycling and composting targets are not met by the waste management firm.

In order to meet the 45% target, Viridor will bring new infrastructure online, including a new materials recycling facility to replace the existing SITA-run plant at Sompting, which is to close by the end of 2006.

Mr Hellings explained: “Viridor will be providing a network of state-of-the-art household waste recycling sites across the county and will set up feedback groups to make sure that the sites meet the expectations of local communities.”

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