Walsall outlines ‘enhanced’ fly-tipping measures in hotspot

Walsall council has announced it is introducing “enhanced measures” to tackle fly tipping in a specific area after observing consistent offending. 

Since the measures have been rolled out, the council said the area is now much cleaner

In Nottingham Drive, Willenhall, the council said the persistent offences have caused “significant inconvenience” and environmental concerns for residents and businesses.

The council’s “multi-pronged approach” includes fines of hundreds of pounds that will be issued to anyone caught illegally dumping waste on Nottingham Drive or within the borough and will pursue legal action against offenders using these measures.

In the past year, the council’s community safety and enforcement service recorded 787 reports of fly-tipping with 497 litter fixed penalty notices and 22 fly-tipping fixed penalty notices being issued. With the use of CCTV cameras to capture footage, the team has cracked down on illegal dumping activities across the borough.

Overflowing bins

To address overflowing bins and improper waste disposal there, the council has issued seven-day notices to residents with contaminated recycling bins, followed by removal of the bins along with excess waste from residential and commercial properties.

To prevent bulky waste disposal, the council has replaced bins with larger, secure containers equipped with reverse lockable lids. Additionally, there will be a temporary increase in residual waste collection for residents.

For businesses, the council took steps such as replacing and securing padlocks on the property’s rear entrance, removing excess waste, and issuing replacement keys, all while ensuring compliance with fire regulations.

Letters have been dispatched to residents and businesses, outlining the new measures and promoting responsible waste disposal practices.


Councillor Garry Perry, deputy leader and portfolio holder for resilient communities said: “The situation in Nottingham Drive has been unacceptable for far too long. We’ve listened to residents and businesses and are determined to tackle this issue head-on and using his multi-pronged approach aims to not only clean up the area but also prevent further instances.

“We urge everyone to dispose of their waste responsibly and correctly and this increased action is necessary to deter further fly-tipping and ensure the cleanliness and safety of our community. I continue to thank our community safety officers for their hard work in cracking down on fly tipping in the borough.”

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