Walkers Crisps swaps to paper packs for Snack A Jacks

Walkers Crisps, part of PepsiCo, has announced it has rolled out paper outer bags for its Snack A Jacks multipack to reduce its use of virgin plastics.

Walkers Crisps plans to eliminate fossil-based plastic in crisp and snack bags by 2030

The company highlights that by doing this, it could reduce the amount of virgin plastics it uses “by 65 tonnes a year”.

Walkers Crisps highlighted that the outer paper bag can be widely recycled in home recycling bins and collected at kerbside, alongside other paper packaging and states that the new packaging is set to lower the greenhouse gas emissions of each pack “by 52%”.

According to the company, the new packaging will be available from next month across its salt and vinegar, sour cream and chive, and BBQ flavours.

It plans to eliminate fossil-based plastic in crisp and snack bags by 2030, including its Snack A Jacks, Walkers, Doritos, Quavers, Wotsits and Pipers ranges.


Gareth Callan, the sustainable packaging lead at Pepsico UK and Ireland, said: “Our outer paper multibag packs are working well on Walkers Baked, giving us the confidence to roll out this format across more of our snacks brands.

“The new packaging will help further reduce our non-fossil plastic use, while also helping to lower our carbon footprint, as we work towards our commitment to creating a world where packaging never becomes waste.


Snack A Jacks marketing manager, Hannah Freeman, said: “Easily recycled with your usual household paper recycling, these new outer packs can be disposed of thoughtfully with little fuss. We hope our devoted fans of Snack A Jacks will enjoy this small but important change we’ve made to make their snacking experience even more enjoyable at home.

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