Wales Waste Forum could propose voluntary recycling targets for local authorities

A separate waste strategy for Wales has come a step nearer following the discussion of a “Bare Bones” outline strategy, prepared by the Wales Waste Support Unit and presented to Environment Minister Sue Essex and the members of the Wales Waste Forum.

The presentation came at a meeting last Friday held in the National Assembly, Cardiff on February 16.

The Waste Forum is drawn from interested parties including Welsh local authorities, the Environment Agency, associations such as the CBI, Federation of Small Businesses, Country Landowners Association, waste industry bodies such as Entrust, the Energy from Waste Association and the Environmental Services Association, and community groups. It first met in December 2000 and formed four focus groups to consider specific issues. These four sub-groups all had a specific input to the draft strategy and considered the following issues:

  • Industrial and Commercial waste
  • Education
  • Composting
  • Municipal waste targets and permits

The strategy looks to utilise an integrated approach to address Wales's waste and one of the most interesting elements will be on the question of targets.

A major area for discussion and consideration by members will be on this question of targets with initial considerations over recycling and composting targets. Early proposals are that targets should be non-statutory, will be set on an annual basis, possibly with specified minimum levels for recycling and dry recycling. Another interesting proposition is that targets could be based on municipal waste arisings rather than household waste arisings.


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