Veolia to build waste treatment centre in Colwick

Waste management company Veolia has applied to the Environment Agency for a permit for a waste transfer and treatment centre in Colwick, Nottinghamshire.

Veolia Suez
Veolia began a 10-year collections contract in Wycombe, Chiltern and South Bucks in September 2020

Accepting and processing or transferring up to 150,000 tonnes of waste per year, the facility will comprise a building for the bulking, treatment and transfer of waste materials collected from local businesses and householders.

According to documents submitted alongside Veolia’s application, the treatment activities will include the shredding of residual waste to produce refuse derived fuel (RDF).

Most of the waste will come from commercial sources, Veolia says, though the site will accept and produce RDF from municipal waste to support Veolia’s network of energy from waste (EfW) plants during “outages”.

Veolia holds a long-term integrated waste management contract with Nottinghamshire county council, signed in 2006 (see story). contacted Veolia for comment.

The site layout as proposed to Environment Agency (Picture: Environment Agency)

Freeth Street

As part of its contract with Nottinghamshire council, Veolia is required to provide a network of facilities to manage Nottinghamshire’s municipal waste needs.

This incorporates a waste transfer station at Freeth Street in Nottingham, which receives approximately 35,000 tonnes of residual and recyclable local authority-collected waste from Broxtowe, Gedling, Rushcliffe, and Nottingham per year, alongside and 5,000 tonnes of street sweepings per year.

According to council minutes, Nottinghamshire county council plans to redevelop the site and surrounding area into a new, ‘sustainable’ residential community over the next 15 years.

Therefore, Veolia needs to find a replacement for its Freeth Street site to ensure it meets its ongoing obligations.

Furthermore, the Freeth Street waste transfer station was “extensively damaged” by a fire in September 2020.

The damage required Veolia to demolish half the transfer station structure, with the remaining steel framework subject to a temporary repair to enable Veolia to continue to accept dry recyclable material from local authorities, but “severely constraining” the wider operation of the facility.


The new waste transfer and treatment centre will be located in the Colwick Industrial estate area of Nottingham, east of Nottingham city centre.

The estate already numbers several existing regulated waste activities and an anaerobic treatment plant, operated by food waste recycler Bio Dynamic.

Once built, the building will house a series of internal bays for the storage of imported materials, including residual waste, recyclates, clinical bins, and processed waste.

There will also be eight external bays to store wood, glass, green waste, inert waste, and street sweepings.

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