Veolia joins Suez with extra time for inquiry documents

Veolia has been given more time to provide the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) with the required information for the phase 2 investigation into its takeover of Suez.

The notice was given by the CMA on 11 January, 24 hours after Suez was also granted the same dispensation (see story).

All of Suez’s operations will transfer to Veolia in the UK if the deal goes ahead as proposed

On 21 December 2021, when the CMA announced it would be progressing its investigation to a more in depth phase 2 probe, the body issued a section 109 notice to Veolia and Suez.

This required the pair to provide the documents and information by a specified date.

On 10 January, Suez was granted an extension for an unnamed amount of time, and the following day Veolia was granted the same thing.

The deadline has been extended until Veolia and Suez “comply with the requirements of the section 109 notice, or the CMA publishes its decision to cancel the extension”.

The notice of extension said for Veolia said: “The CMA considers that Veolia (whether with or without a reasonable excuse) has failed to comply with the requirements of the section 109 notice”.


Under the deal, all of Suez’s operations in the UK will transfer to Veolia.

On 21 December, the CMA outlined which aspects of the deal it was concerned about.

These are:

  • The supply of complex waste management contracts procured by local authorities in the UK
  • The supply of non-hazardous commercial and industrial waste collection services in the UK
  • The supply of non-hazardous municipal waste collection services in the UK
  • The supply of services for the operation and maintenance (O&M) of local authority-owned energy recovery facilities in the UK
  • The supply of non-hazardous waste incineration services at local level in the Teesside, Wilton 11, Marchwood, and Kemsley local areas
  • The supply of organic waste composting services at open-windrow composting facilities at local level in the Coven and Packington local areasThe deal has already been approved by the European Commission (see story).



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