Two Kent firms to pay total of £44k for illegal waste activity

Two Kent companies have been ordered to pay a total of £44,294 for illegal waste disposal on flood plain near the River Medway.

Site where construction waste was left by Medway River (photo: Environment Agency)
Site where construction waste was left by Medway River (photo: Environment Agency)
Site where the waste was left by the River Medway (photo: Environment Agency)

In action brought by the Environment Agency, construction firm Fastrac Contractors and Utilities Ltd was found guilty in its absence of illegal waste activity and fined £40,000 with £1,650 costs at Sevenoaks Magistrates Court.

In addition, haulage firm Bennett Grab Services, of Burleigh Sole Street, Cobham, Gravesend, pleaded guilty and were fined £2000, with costs of £404, the Agency announced yesterday (September 16).

The Agency said charges were brought against both companies when an investigation by its officers discovered building waste and rubble being tipped at River House, Station Road, Cuxton, which was not covered by an environmental permit.

The court heard that on a site visit in 2013, Fastrac company director Mr Paul Davies admitted to having tipped 80 loads of waste at the site.

A letter was then issued requiring Fastrac, which is now in liquidation, to cease the deposit of waste at this location until getting the appropriate permission.

In November 2013, however, after no further information had been supplied by Fastrac, the Environment Agency served statutory notices on both Fastrac and the landowner to provide waste transfer information about wastes deposited at this site. These revealed that a further 47 lorry loads of waste had been received at the site since the Agency’s letter of 12 July 2013.

Site where the waste was left by the River Medway (photo: Environment Agency)
Site where the waste was left by the River Medway (photo: Environment Agency)

According to the Agency, in interviews Mr Davies said that the landowner was a friend of his who had asked him to fill in some land, stating his organisation did not tip waste at the site after the date of the warning letter but that waste materials taken from third party construction sites were being stored there.

Mr Davies later conceded that he had tipped nine loads at the site and he now understood that he had committed an offence. In sentencing, the Magistrates said that Fastrac Contractors and Utilities Limited “acknowledged that the continued tipping had been a deliberate act and that there had been a risk of harm to the environment”.

Bennet Grab Services

The Environment Agency investigation also discovered a second company, Bennett Grab Services, had deposited soil at the same location.

In sentencing Bennett Grab Services, the Magistrates took into consideration their early guilty plea but according to the Agency said that a company in the waste business “should be aware of the checks that needed to be made to ensure a site was properly authorised before depositing waste”.

Alan Cansdale, Environment Agency environment manager, said: “The court heard today how waste crime can undermine legitimate businesses and damage the environment. The illegally tipped waste in Cuxton compromised the flood plain around the River Medway.

“Without an environmental permit application, no assessment had been made regarding the impact of deposits in this area of flood plain and the potential to exacerbate flooding elsewhere. In cases like this, where individuals or businesses operate illegally, the Environment Agency has no hesitation in prosecuting.”

When contacted by, Bennet Grab Services did not wish to comment.


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