Textile Recycling Association seeking government help

VIDEO REPORT: The Textile Recycling Association says it is “actively seeking” help from the government to relieve some of the pressure the sector is facing from export markets restrictions.  

Textile recyclers have said problems in exporting material to key markets such as Kenya and Pakistan has meant their warehouses are filling up, and many have said they are now unable to pay for material.  

You can see a video of Alan Wheeler, director of the Textile Recycling Association, speaking with letsrecycle.com’s Joshua Doherty below. 

Mr Wheeler said the key to getting the sector back to “some form of normality” is to ease pressures in the export market, and it is “actively seeking” government support to help with this.

(l-r) Joshua Doherty interviews Alan Wheeler, director of the Textile Recycling Association

Operational challenges

Among his comments, Mr Wheeler made the point how difficult it will be for recyclers to operate in line with rules around the coronavirus pandemic. This is particularly challenging for the sector, he explained, because of the need to keep to social distancing rules as workers need to look closely at clothing to sort it into the correct categories and most operators have needed a lot of people working in relatively small spaces.

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