Suez UK ‘looks forward to cementing new ownership’

In the wake of the decision by the ‘new’ Suez S.A. business in France to take up its ‘Right of First Refusal’ to buy Suez UK from Veolia, the UK business’ chief executive has responded.

Suez UK
John Scanlon is CEO of Suez recycling and Recovery UK

John Scanlon, chief executive officer for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK said: “Four weeks ago the Competition and Markets Authority published its final decision and Veolia confirmed it would sell our UK business.

“The SUEZ Group has now triggered the Right of First Refusal which was part of the merger agreement between the Veolia and SUEZ Groups made back in January 2022, and started the process of matching the offer made by Macquarie Group Limited.”

Mr Scanlon emphasised that the new ownership is still to be agreed by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and other parties. It is thought that the sale is likely to be approved by the CMA.

Resource efficient

Providing agreement on the sale is reached, Mr Scanlon said he looked forward “to working with the teams at the SUEZ Group, Veolia and the Competition and Markets Authority to cement our new ownership, allowing us to continue with our work to create a more resource efficient, circular economy, delivering on our commitment to People and Planet.”

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