Suez retains GMCA waste management contracts

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) has announced it is extending its waste management contracts with Suez from *2026 to 2034.

The GMCA handles more than a million tonnes of waste from residents across Manchester

The proposal to extend it is based on works being carried out at the Raikes Lane EfW facility in 2025. The proposal also includes the ability for pots, tubs and trays to be included in the kerbside collected dry recyclables stream, ahead of the new MRF being developed at the Overhulton site.

The contract was originally awarded to Suez in 2019 for £1 billion and is one of the largest of its kind in the country, involving the handling of waste on behalf of the roughly 1.2 million households across the Greater Manchester region.

The contracts involve the management of 1.1 million tonnes of municipal waste per year and sees Suez operate 41 facilities over 24 sites, including four mechanical treatment and Rail Head reception facilities, 20 household waste recycling centres, eight transfer loading stations, a thermal recovery plant and a materials recovery facility.


John Scanlon, chief executive officer for Suez recycling and recovery UK, said: “We are delighted to be extending our contracts in Greater Manchester, subject to finalising contract documentation.

“We will continue to work closely with the GMCA to provide a quality service to local residents and *drive further improvements to recycling rates across the region, in line with our triple bottom line approach.

“Since taking on the contracts in 2019, we’ve seen recycling rates at household waste recycling centres increase from 35% to over 50%, with the combined recycling rate across the contracts also increasing to over 50%, making Greater Manchester one of the top performing city-regions in the country.

“We are on track to see less than 1% of the waste we handle go to landfill. Along with GMCA we have launched the Renew Hub, a unique reuse operation that has seen over 223,000 pre-loved items that might otherwise have gone to waste finding new homes, with money raised allowing us to donate nearly £1m to support good causes in Greater Manchester.”


A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Combined Authority said: “Since taking on the contracts for waste and recycling services in Greater Manchester, Suez recycling and recovery UK have continued to improve performance each year.

“Maintaining a partnership with them will ensure stability for Greater Manchester over the coming years and will also support continuing operations at the Renew Hub, a reuse facility which is driving the repair and reuse of household waste, creating opportunities for training and upskilling the local community, as well as raising money for good causes.”

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*Dates corrected

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