Suez celebrates 30 year anniversary with Doncaster

Suez recycling and recovery UK and Doncaster council celebrated the 30th anniversary of their waste partnership this week.

(Front row l-r) Suez senior executive VP (Northern Europe) David Palmer-Jones, Doncaster council CEO Damian Allen, the civic mayor of Doncaster and Suez UK’s CEO John Scanlon alongside current and former members of the Doncaster team at Monday’s celebration.

To mark the occasion, Suez chief executive John Scanlon returned to Doncaster to celebrate the landmark occasion with colleagues and representatives of Doncaster council.

Mr Scanlon started his career working on the contract with Doncaster Council as soon as it was signed in 1991, creating and working on new collection routes.

The Suez chief executive said: “This is the contract I cut my teeth on when I first started at Suez 30 years ago, so today is particularly poignant for me personally.

“The contract has evolved so much in its thirty-year history. In 1991, the vast majority of waste was sent to landfill and now, we recycle a huge range of materials from the kerbside”.

Mr Scanlon added: “We pride ourselves on being part of the Doncaster community. We have created over 180 local jobs and in 2019 we set up the Doncaster Environment Fund, awarding thousands of pounds to local good causes.”

A timeline of the Suez and Doncaster council partnership (click to enlarge)


The contract has been renewed four times since it was first started, and sees Suez collect waste from around 20,000 residents. In 2019/20, the south Yorkshire council recorded a 46.4% recycling rate.

This was most recently renewed in 2018, under a contract which will run until 2025 (see story). Suez also owns a waste transfer station in the region.

Damian Allen, chief executive of Doncaster council, said: “We work hard to ensure that Doncaster is as green and sustainable as it possibly can be, and the partnership between Suez and the council is integral in achieving that.

“In recent months, Suez and Doncaster Council have worked closely together to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and to provide the best possible service for local residents.”

Below is a short video released by Suez to mark the occasion.


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