Stobart Energy becomes Esken Renewables

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO REPORT: Stobart Energy has today changed its name to Esken Renewables.

The rebranding comes after some complex name changes. Stobart Group, the parent company of Stobart Energy which also owned the ‘Eddie Stobart’ and ‘Stobart’ trademarks, sold back the Stobart brands which it owned to Eddie Stobart Logistics for £10 million in 2020.

Following this transaction, Stobart Group became ‘Esken’ in February 2020 with Stobart Energy – Stobart’s biomass supply business – given 30 months to change name, which has happened today.

According to Esken Renewables, the new name reflects “both our importance to our parent company, Esken, and our focus on supporting the UK circular economy by supplying renewable fuel across the country”.

Richard Jenkins, CEO of Esken Renewables said, “We will now share the name Esken with our parent company, reflecting our importance to the wider Group. The name Esken is taken from an ancient British word that means ‘to ascend, climb and rise’.

“We chose Renewables because both our present and our future is focused on this important work; supplying renewable fuel to the UK. Right now we are the UK’s largest supplier of a critical renewable fuel – biomass. In the future, we aim to establish further opportunities to use our expertise and infrastructure to supply other types of renewable fuel.”


Signage around Stobart sites has already started to change and the business has taken delivery of its first rebranded trucks and trailers displaying the new livery.

“We are currently sharing new uniform and PPE with our people and over the next 12 months we will be taking delivery of further rebranded vehicles and signage,” the company added.

Esken Renewables has long-term contracts to supply 1.7 million tonnes of fuel (mainly waste wood) to biomass plants, generating renewable energy equivalent to the annual domestic electricity needs of 2% of the UK population.

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