Staffordshire to introduce care equipment collection points

Staffordshire county council has announced a partnership with Grace Cares for the collection and reuse of care equipment.

The council has introduced collection points at all 14 household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) across Staffordshire, where individuals can donate unwanted care aids and medical waste. Commonly donated items include walking aids, bathroom equipment, bed risers and commodes.

(l-r) Hannah Montgromery of Grace Cares, Lamar Burke of Lichfield HWRC and Adam Harrison of Grace Cares

The collected equipment will be repurposed by Grace Cares, and the proceeds from sales will directly fund community events, including afternoon teas and care home activities. Additionally, grants will be provided to care workers and users of care services.

Simon Tagg, cabinet member for environment, infrastructure and climate change at Staffordshire county council, said: “This is a wonderfully simple project. Not only does it help get pre-used medical equipment and aids to people who need it, but it also prevents much of it from being disposed of, which benefits the environment.”

Mr Tagg added: “This is just one of many projects the council has introduced to help reduce our impact on the planet and tackle climate change. Small changes can make a difference, and if we all do our bit, we can help achieve our goal of becoming net zero by 2050.”


Hannah Montgomery from Grace Cares added: “Grace Cares is delighted to be partnering with Staffordshire county council’s sustainability and waste management team on this exciting project. It means people right across the county will have the ability to donate pre-loved care equipment with ease, rather than simply throwing it away. We have the shared vision to stop waste and build community connections. It’s great to work with a team that is passionate about making a difference.”

Staffordshire is a landlocked county located in the West Midlands of England with a population of 1.1 million. It recorded a recycling rate of 43.9% in 2022/23.

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