Special Reports Tuesday 25 June 2019
10 April 2018

Concerns raised over WEEE scheme for HWRCs


Strong concerns over the system set up to ensure that waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected from civic amenity sites and HWRCs, have been raised by several businesses within the WEEE sector. The concerns come as ...

4 April 2018

Innovation and waste management


Local authorities are trying to be innovative as they look to reduce costs and keep up with everything from Brexit to market developments, as Brian Mayne of Ricardo Energy & Environment writes in this special report for letsrecycle.com.

13 March 2018

Recycling Technologies firms up plans for Scottish pyrolysis plant


The creators from a company behind a machine which they say can turn all post-consumer plastics into oil have distanced themselves from similar ideas in the past which failed to come to fruition. And, at the end of February, the ...

21 February 2018

China ban sees more plastic for domestic market


Joshua Doherty assesses the outlook for plastics recycling in the light of import restrictions in China. Plastic recyclers appear to be remaining cautiously optimistic about export markets in the face of market challenges...

Cycle Link anniversary 9 February 2018

China experts explain paper market changes


With UK prices for used cardboard and mixed paper tumbling this month (February 2018), an international conference in Shanghai, China heard details of a fall in the volume of recycled or waste paper (RCP) used in the country in 2017.

29 January 2018

Reaching high standards at AO Recycling


Environmental protection needs high standards all-round but for the recycling sector finding the investment to achieve this can be a challenge. Unusually for the retail world, AO.com – a leading online electrical retailer – ...

Network Rail 24 January 2018

Outsourcing will boost infrastructure, says Brokers’ Association


Outsourcing waste management contracts to regional companies will not only grow the UK’s SME waste infrastructure, but will improve customer service as well. So says Chris Giscombe, chair of the Waste Management Brokers’ ...

22 January 2018

Coffey inspects European bottle deposit schemes


Calls for a deposit return system (DRS) for drinks containers in the UK have ramped up in recent weeks, with the Environment Audit Committee calling for its introduction and the government’s 25 year Environment Plan not ruling it out ...

17 January 2018

Viridor pursues quality cullet in Scotland


The move towards collecting glass commingled with other recyclables has posed a challenge to Viridor in Scotland, and, the company believes the glass recycling sector as a whole. The waste and resource management business has made...