Special Reports Wednesday 20 January 2021
11 January 2021

‘Getting charged up about battery recycling’


As is the case every year, demand for batteries increased exponentially in the run up to Christmas 2020, with the average UK household buying an estimated 30 batteries or more every festive period. We talk to Gavin Russell

6 January 2021

‘Is environmental regulation fit for purpose?’


This special report by Barrister, Gordon Wignall looks at whether today’s environmental regulation is fit for purpose. The context is the web of legislative measures which apply to the waste and recycling sectors, and in particular the ...

14 December 2020

Retailers prepare to take back WEEE instore


From January 2021 large electronic retailers will be obliged to take back waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in-store. James Langley examines how it’s all going to work.

24 November 2020

Research into waste remediation continues


Professor Christopher Howe in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge outlines the ongoing development of the research work undertaken for the Waste Environmental Education Research Trust in partnership with Cambridge ...

16 November 2020

ISWA: Lithium-ion batteries and fire risk


In this special report, Jeff Cooper, a past president of the International Solid Waste Association and former producer responsibility specialist at the Environment Agency, looks at the results from a survey by the International Solid Waste ...

29 October 2020

‘Unbelievable’ rise in glass other PRNs


The second quarter of 2020 saw 135,220 packaging recovery notes (PRNs) issued for glass other: an exceptionally strong performance, and in lockdown too. James Langley investigates why.

12 October 2020

Councils calm on waste impact of further lockdowns


With further lockdown restrictions in sight, councils in areas already facing tighter restrictions have set out how waste services have coped this "second time around". Local authorities in England including the North East, ...

14 September 2020

Recresco targets stability after Ellesmere Port site acquisition


This week saw glass recycling company Recresco announce it had purchased the Ellesmere Port site it has occupied on a lease basis for the past 12 years. James Langley investigates what’s brewing in Cheshire.

2 September 2020

Positive message surrounds Shotton sale plan


Last week saw the unveiling of plans to sell the UPM Shotton newsprint mill with its adjacent materials recycling facility.  The announcement came from UPM at its headquarters in Finland. The business describes itself as leading...