Software launched to ‘streamline’ MRF design

VIDEO REPORT: Start-up technology firm SortFlow has launched a software platform which it says will help “streamline” the design process for Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs).

Casepak has begun a contract to sort recyclable material on behalf of Aylesbury Vale council at its Leicester MRF
The designers of the software says the ‘easy to use interface’ will make the design process for MRFs easier

The software is in its final stage of testing, according to SortFlow, and it will aim to design and virtually test sorting processes for companies that build and operate MRFs.

This can also help existing MRF operators plan any design changes, which SortFlow says often take place as facilities need to have the flexibility to meet changing consumer behaviour and market demands. It also helps to forecast revenues and profit margins.


Speaking with letsrecycle.com, CEO and founder of the software, Luc Mallinger, said the software aims to reduce the time it takes to design waste sorting facilities and make the whole process more efficient.

“Waste sorting is usually a complex arrangement of different sorting equipment which is used to separate the waste materials by type.  When you design a sorting plant you have to work out the most efficient way to do this,” he explained.

Mr Mallinger added:“ So, before you start drawing anything, you have to build this data into a model to simulate how this process will work. This is usually done in Excel, which can be a very complex  and tedious exercise, and it  is easy to make mistakes. Trying to build a design that works and will hit targets can be very difficult.

“Sortflow takes this pain away, it has an interface which is very easy to use and it is easier to make changes without having to edit complex formulas, meaning this can be done much quicker.”

You can see the full interview with Luc Mallinger below.


The company said it is “confident” that the software will help its users build more efficient and “future-proof” MRFs.

The software also aims to help existing plants adapt to a “changing environment” and “optimise the performance and profitability of their sorting processes”.

The company said that it first designed a prototype of the software, to demonstrate it to a range of industry professionals.

Sortflow said that responses were “very positive and confirmed just how relevant the product is”.


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