Smurfit Kappa secures £1.6m North Lanarkshire paper deal

Smurfit Kappa has secured a two-year contract with North Lanarkshire council for the treatment of 10,000 tonnes per year of paper.

The Perth and Kinross contract to Smurfit Kappa is the second deal awarded to the company in the last month (picture: Shutterstock)

The paper will be sourced from both the council’s weekly kerbside collections and its network of household waste and recycling centres (HWRCs).

Paper from North Lanarkshire’s recycling bins will be processed by Smurfit Kappa until 2025

The deal will run up to 30 September 2025, with the option to extend for a further 12 months. It has been valued at £1.572 million over the entire three years, valuing the material at around £53 a tonne.

In a notice published on Thursday (7 September), the council said its kerbside collected paper and card collection service “is one of several services offered and operated by the council and compliments the weekly domestic kerbside collection services and HWRCs”.

The notice added that it is anticipated that circa 10,000 tonnes of paper and card is collected from the Council’s kerbside collection service for recycling annually. The paper and card waste stream represents a “significant proportion” of the total household waste arisings of the council.

Smurfit Kapa saw off one other company for the contract.


Smurfit Kappa has two facilities in Scotland, comprising a recycling facility in Glasgow and a facility in Tannochside which specialises in high quality printed packaging.

It also runs a nationwide network of paper mills where paper is recycled for Smurfit Kappa’s packaging division.

The contract award value stated is anticipated to be income  for the council but is wholly reliant on waste collected, the notice added.

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