Scotland launches litter and fly-tipping consultation

The Scottish government has launched a consultation on the actions it can take to tackle litter and fly-tipping. 

The data showed which councils have issued the most fixed penalty notices for fly-tipping (picture: Shutterstock)

Drafted in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland, Keep Scotland Beautiful and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), the consultation began yesterday (13 December) and will close in March 2022.  

The Scottish government said responses to the consultation will inform the development of the final National Litter and Fly-tipping Strategy. 

The proposed actions sit within three “strategic themes”: behaviour change, services and infrastructure, enforcement. The government said the themes were previously agreed by stakeholders. 

The consultation document said that “evaluating the progress and effectiveness of the strategy is also acknowledged to be of vital importance”.  

It has proposed upping the maximum fine to £500 to “develop a more effective enforcement


Proposals for actions to tackle litter include the development of a “sustained, evidence based, national anti-littering behaviour change campaign”, which would be delivered across Scotland.  

The document also seeks views on improving the consistency and quality of data collection to allow “targeted interventions” to be developed.  

The government also wants to create a national litter hub to provide information and advice to community groups, as well as conduct an evidence review of barriers to enforcement, “with a view to make necessary legislative changes subject to the outcome.” 

Fly tipping  

For fly-tipping, the government also wants to deliver a national fly-tipping campaign, and seeks views on research into influences on behaviour that leads to fly tipping.  

It will seek views on improving consistency and quality of data collection, which includes exploring establishing a database to ensure “there is a fit for purpose mechanism” where fly-tipping can be reported . 

And, the document considers a “flexible approach” to waste disposal and targeted interventions.  As well as exploring the role of technology, updated guidance and alternative financial support mechanisms in preventing fly-tipping. 

It will also review the barriers with regards to enforcement.  


Scotland’s first National Litter Strategy “Towards a Litter-Free Scotland: A Strategic Approach to Higher Quality Local Environments ” was published in 2014. 

A review of the 2014 strategy concluded that “significant progress” has been made in a number of areas, but acknowledged that litter and fly tipping continue to pose a “significant challenge”.  

In particular, it noted that there is a need to treat litter and fly tipping as two separate issues that require “tailored strategic intervention”. 

The Scottish government is seeking to improve these areas in the updated strategy.  

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