Scotland launches £2m fund for ‘circularity in textiles’

The Scottish Government unveiled a £2 million fund last week (24 June) to help “reduce the environmental burden of textiles”.

The Circular Textiles Fund will go directly to businesses across the textiles industry in Scotland, “from fashion to upholstery”, according to Zero Waste Scotland.

The announcement follows the government’s consultations on proposals for a Circular Economy Bill and Route Map to 2025, aimed at delivering Scotland’s zero waste and circular economy ambitions.

Circular economy

A report by Zero Waste Scotland, which assessed the carbon impact of Scotland’s household waste, showed that textiles account for nearly a third (32%) of emissions even though they only make up 4% of waste by weight (see story).

Businesses can apply individually or as part of a collaboration to achieve objectives such as reducing demand for new textiles as well as in-life environmental impacts, including mitigating the pollution from washing textiles and making them easier to reuse and repair. Another is maximising the amount of captured and recycled textile waste.

Iain Gulland, chief executive of Zero Waste Scotland, said: “With textiles responsible for such a significant chunk of the carbon footprint of Scotland’s household waste it’s vital that we move away from a throwaway approach to products and materials and make things last instead. The Circular Textiles Fund is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to be part of the solution.”

Lorna Slater, circular economy Minister, added: “Every material that is wasted comes at a cost to our planet, but it’s clear that textiles are having a disproportionate environmental impact.

“Alongside our Circular Economy Bill, this fund will help grow the number of sustainable businesses in Scotland and help prevent textiles from ending up in landfill or incineration.”


Businesses interested in applying are advised to fill out an expression of interest form found on the Zero Waste Scotland website. This is to be submitted to by 29 July 2022.

Zero Waste Scotland said that expressions of interest will be assessed against the criteria and applicants will be notified if they have been invited to stage two by 28 August 2022.

More information on the details of the fund and how to apply can be found here.

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