Salvation Army textile banks to be placed at Landsec shopping centres

The Salvation Army has joined forces with real estate company Landsec to introduce clothing donation banks at retail destinations. 

SATCoL handles around 65,000 tonnes of textiles each year

The first clothing donation banks have already been opened at Landsec’s O2 shopping centre in London and Braintree Village, its shopping outlet in Essex. A third donation bank is scheduled to open at Landsec’s W12 shopping centre in London in August.

Kirk Bradley, head of corporate partnerships at the Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd, expressed the importance of such partnerships “in driving environmental change.”

He said: “SATCoL is actively working to reduce waste, and thanks to Landsec and the communities they serve, more donated garments can be repurposed, resold, and generate additional funds for vital charitable initiatives.”


The Salvation Army and Landsec have set a target of collecting over 100 tonnes of donations through these clothing banks over the next year. The donated items will be resold, and the profits generated will be channelled towards supporting The Salvation Army’s  work throughout the country.

The Salvation Army is known for helping those in need, including specialised support for survivors and potential victims of modern slavery, as well as shelter for the homeless.

Anna Hill, chief consumer officer at Landsec, said: “We know our guests want to make more informed choices about how they consume. Whether it be donating used clothing or more access to pre-loved fashion, we want to give people the opportunity to be more conscious with their consumption and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable environment.”

SATCoL, being the largest charity-owned textiles collector in the UK, has been working diligently to support organisations in reducing their carbon footprint and combating climate change. Through their reuse and recycling schemes, they extend the useful life of products, diverting items away from disposal and landfill.

Landsec, as a company, is committed to building and investing in buildings, spaces, and partnerships that create sustainable places, connect communities, and unlock potential. They are shaping a better future by leading the industry in environmental and social sustainability. Landsec’s portfolio includes retail, leisure, workspace, and residential hubs.

The collaboration between The Salvation Army and Landsec aims to bring together their shared commitment to promoting sustainable practices, reducing waste, and supporting vulnerable communities.

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