Plastics Friday 22 September 2017
20 September 2017

Veolia targets ‘high quality’ HDPE at Dagenham bottle plant

Veolia officially reopened the plastic milk bottle reprocessing plant in Dagenham yesterday (19 September), which the company has said will produce around 10,000 tonnes of high quality food grade HDPE pellets annually. The ...


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13 September 2017

Deposit scheme ‘not the same’ as carrier bag levy


Comparing the idea of a deposit refund scheme for drinks bottles and cans to the plastic bag levy is not a good idea, panellists at RWM said yesterday (12 September). ...

13 September 2017

Defra hosts China recycling exports meeting


A meeting is being held today (September 14) at the offices of the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs as part of a government bid to find out more about the concerns over export restrictions to China.

8 September 2017

Swindon council backs ‘plastics into oil’ technology


Swindon-based firm, Recycling Technologies Ltd, has announced that it has raised £5 million in funding and is now looking for further sites for its 'breakthrough' chemical recycling machine. Swindon borough council has put its ...

7 September 2017

Government ‘looking into implications’ of China restrictions


The UK government is examining the potential impact of measures proposed by China regarding the export of recyclables. The monitoring comes in the wake of tighter controls drafted by China to ensure that recyclables sent there ...

6 September 2017

Plastics recycler fined over stolen bakery equipment


The owner of a Shropshire plastics recycling site has been ordered to pay £6,438.45 after a ‘substantial’ amount of stolen bakery equipment was tracked to the site. Last week (31 August), ...

6 September 2017

‘More consultation’ needed on Scottish DRS


Businesses in Scotland have called for more consultation in the wake of confirmation that the Scottish Government’s intends to implement a deposit return scheme (DRS) for drinks containers across Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon, ...

6 September 2017

Imerys Group acquires Regain Polymers


West Yorkshire-based plastics compounding and recycling firm, Regain Polymers, has been sold to the Imerys Group – a supplier of mineral-based solutions, headquartered in France – for an undisclosed sum. Today (6 September) ...

29 August 2017

Recycling Association in warning over China rule changes


Implementation of more restrictions on the importing of materials for recycling into China could hit China’s income from the European region, the Recycling Association has warned. The Association’s comments come in ...

29 August 2017

Consultation closes on revised China import rules


Consultation closed before the Bank Holiday weekend (25 August) on proposals from China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection over changes to import controls of materials for recycling within the country. The consultation ...

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