Paper Wednesday 1 April 2020
31 March 2020

Paper body issues production warning

The European Paper Recycling Council (EPRC) has asked authorities across the continent to help...


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28 March 2020

WISH issues waste and COVID-19 advisory document


The UK’s Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum (WISH) has published a draft advice document about managing COVID-19 (coronavirus) risks in the context of a range of waste management activities. The document, released on Friday ...

27 March 2020

Recycling Association makes collections plea to Defra


The chief executive of the Recycling Association has called on Defra to ensure recycling collections from households are maintained during the coronavirus pandemic. Dr Simon Ellin made his plea yesterday (26 March) in a letter ...

18 March 2020

Contamination warning as waste plans ramp up


London Councils — the local government association for Greater London — has warned that avoiding contamination in recycling is now “more important than ever” as it enables operatives to do their job safely and limit the spread of...

5 March 2020

Veolia ‘refocusing’ paper business


Veolia's chief operating officer, Estelle Brachlianoff, who was the company's UK chief executive,  has spelt out how the company is tackling the sharp fall in recovered paper prices to ensure profitability. The details came as the ...

27 February 2020

Mixed recycling ‘doubles contamination’


Commingled recycling collections can lead to twice as much contamination when compared with separate streams, according to paper recycling specialists DS Smith. The company said today (27 February) that in the last year it ...

7 February 2020

Fears coronavirus may knock recycling markets


Concerns are growing that the coronavirus in China could disrupt markets for waste paper and plastics. Waste paper sector experts have told that the market faces disruptions on a number of fronts including...

6 February 2020

Company fined after worker injured by falling bale


A Glasgow-based waste management and packaging company has been fined after a worker was struck by a falling bale of compacted wastepaper at a warehouse in December 2016. In a statement released this week, the Health and Safety ...

6 February 2020

Impurity rules ‘apply’ to intra-EU waste paper trade


The complexity of determining what level of contamination should be allowed for waste to be shipped as ‘green list’ has come under the spotlight following a case currently being considered by the European Court of Justice. The...

4 February 2020

Paper industry calls for government backing


The UK’s paper industry has challenged the government to ensure Britain remains an attractive location for the manufacturing of paper and its products after Brexit. The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI), the trade ...