Paper Round invests £2.5 million in MRF upgrade

London-based commercial waste and recycling company, Paper Round, has announced that £2.5 million worth of upgrades to its Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Purfleet, Essex, have been completed.

The upgrades will mean that the processing line for commingled recycling at the 45,000 tonne per year MRF will treble to 8 tonnes per hour. The work to upgrade the line has been commissioned and tested, and Paper Round confirmed that the upgrades are currently in the optimisation stage.

The £2.5 million upgrade is expected to be unveiled later this summer (Picture: Paper Round)

The facility sorts waste for recycling from businesses across London and the South East, including commingled recycling, food,  coffee grounds and hazardous waste.


Paper Round, which is part of the BPR Group of companies, says the upgrades focus on the mixed recycling line, which now includes the “latest technology”, to improve recovery rates.

A major aspect of the upgrades include the introduction of three Optical Sorters, capable of picking out different materials, separate polymers and different fibres, a Waste Screen that separates fines less than 50mm and an Eddy Current separator used to separate nonferrous metals such as aluminium cans.

Paper Round explained that this has also allowed mixed office materials such as plastics, cans and fibre to be “separated more quickly and accurately, leading to improved recycling rates for clients.”

In a statement to, Bill Swan, director of Paper Round, said the works have been carried out with an eye to requirements for greater ‘traceability’ of waste movements.

“We have worked hard to develop a strong reputation in recovering high-quality recycled materials from commercial waste,” he explained.

Mr Swan added: “When we look to the future, we see an increased focus on sustainability and traceability, and this £2.5m MRF upgrade provides certainty that best-practices will be delivered. By now owning the largest Materials Recycling Facility in London focused solely on the needs of commercial clients, we can deliver on our client commitments while maintaining clear visibility through our own end-to-end processes.”

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