Organics Thursday 21 February 2019
14 February 2019

Targets ‘unachievable’ without non-household waste

England will not reach a 65% municipal recycling target without an increase in the recycling of waste from non-household sources. That’s according to Claire Shrewsbury, head of government and communities at resources charity ...


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1 February 2019

Aberdeen appoints contractor for AD facility


A contractor has been appointed to build an anaerobic digestion gas to grid plant in Aberdeen which will treat food waste from the city, as well as agricultural material. Austrian-based AD specialist Thöni Industriebetriebe GmbH ...

21 January 2019

Fire Service continues to tackle Envar Composting fire


Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service is changing its firefighting tactics to tackle a fire at a site operated by Envar Composting which has been ongoing since New Year’s Eve. In a statement this morning (21 January), the Fire...

14 January 2019

Defra offers funding to food redistribution schemes


The government has invited food redistribution organisations to apply for a share of £5 million in funding as part of a pilot scheme to reduce food waste. Redistribution organisations in England can submit bids for funds to “...

11 January 2019

Companies vie for Essex organic waste work


Essex county council and Southend-on-Sea borough council have taken steps forward in the award of contracts to handle garden and food waste worth up to £32 million. Nine companies have been appointed to a framework of providers ...

7 January 2019

Lincs councils to consider food waste collections


Lincolnshire councils are expected to consider the introduction of separate food waste collections as part of a new long-term waste strategy for the region which is being finalised. Currently being adopted by Lincolnshire councils...

4 January 2019

Fire services monitoring Envar Composting fire


Fire services are continuing to monitor a fire at Envar Composting in Cambridgeshire which has been ongoing since New Year’s Eve (31 December). Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service was initially called to the site in ...

4 January 2019

News in Brief (04/01/2019)


With news on: Defra's food waste champion; penalty for organic waste pollution, and; stadium waste contract for Bristol firm.

18 December 2018

Strategy: Defra sets out food waste actions


Defra has set out its aim for every household in England and many businesses to have a weekly separate food waste collection in place from 2023. The measure – which is subject to consultation – is laid out in the environment ...

17 December 2018

Gove to face Creagh after resources strategy launch


Secretary of state for the environment, Michael Gove is to be questioned in Parliament this week on the new Resources and Waste Strategy, just 24 hours after it is published. The strategy is out tomorrow (18 December) and will ...

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