Opinions Saturday 16 February 2019
Jacob Hayler 31 January 2019

OPINION: Getting the Resources & Waste Strategy right

OPINION: Jacob Hayler, executive director of the Environmental Services Association, outlines some of the key areas for debate from the government's Resources and Waste Strategy. The Resources and Waste Strategy (RWS) is ...


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12 January 2018

Quality and the need to manage contamination


OPINION: Quality, Quality, Quality and the need to manage contamination! The stakes are high! Dr. Adam Read, external affairs director, SUEZ Recycling & Recovery UK takes a look at issues around contamination with a study ...

10 January 2018

A new dawn for our sector?


Will the New Year also herald a new dawn for our sector? Gev Eduljee, non-executive director at Resource Futures, gives his thoughts as to what lies ahead in 2018. Waste watchers in the UK (England in particular) may be forgiven ...

2 January 2018

Christmas is over and the bins are getting fat


Christmas is a period that the majority of the population looks forward to, but it is also a time when our excesses tend to come to the fore, writes Gregg McKeown, Engineering Manager for waste management specialist CDEnviro. 

1 December 2017

The search for capacity clarity continues


In the wake of publication by the ESA on residual waste capacity in the future, Stuart Hayward-Higham, technical development director for Suez UK, gives his thoughts on the need for policy progress with regard to capacity. So, ...

29 November 2017

Some crumbs of comfort in Industrial Strategy


Waste and resource sector expert Gev Eduljee, formerly with Suez UK, takes a first look at the Industrial Strategy released this week and finds a little comfort in its reference to resources. The Government’s industrial strategy green ...

24 November 2017

Thoughts on a plastic tax


Chris Sherrington of Eunomia looks at how a plastic tax could be used to reduce waste and tackle marine plastic pollution, but also reasons why it only addresses part of the problem. The Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond presented his ...

2 November 2017

Zero to lose?


With a new waste strategy due next year and the Clean Growth Strategy setting landfill avoidable plans for 2050, Peter Hayes, Business Development Executive for waste management specialist CDEnviro, gives his thoughts on how realistic ...

20 October 2017

Cleaning up waste complaints in real time


Steve White, ‎software business development manager at software and technology firm Yotta, discusses innovative methods that local councils can use to help 'stop the rot' when it comes to waste complaints and explores how technology can ...

4 October 2017

Why are we wasting ‘waste’?


Adrian Convery, Business Development Manager for waste management specialist CDEnviro, tells us how we should stop thinking in terms of waste and instead think in terms of resources.  As a society, our relationship with resources...