Opinions Monday 12 April 2021
12 April 2021

Opinion: ‘Where are the missing batteries?’

In this opinion piece, Justin Greenaway, commercial manager at waste electronics recycler Sweeep Kuusakoski, argues that to improve the collection of portable batteries, the lead acid battery protocol must no longer be used.


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6 April 2021

Opinion: The plastics recycling landscape


Director of recycling at Indigo Environmental, Paul Rendle-Barnes, shares his views on the role local plastic recycling can – and should – play in helping the UK to reach a more circular economy.

29 March 2021

Opinion: ‘Uneven tax burden will hit energy recovery’


Import and incineration taxes have been introduced across Europe to promote material recycling and reduce CO2 emissions. However, uneven taxation creates an imbalance in the waste market and leads to a reduction in sustainable energy ...

23 March 2021

‘Navigating the latest changes in waste legislation’


In this opinion piece, Tom Eng, senior vice president and head of TOMRA Recycling, provides an overview of some of the recent changes in European and international waste legislation and highlights the implications of these ...

22 March 2021

‘Councils must think ahead on Strategy changes’


Local authorities must think ahead on Resources and Waste Strategy changes, writes Kate Thompson, principal consultant at environmental consultancy, Eunomia.  OPINION: Much like...

16 March 2021

Opinion: ‘Waste sector must lead fight against climate crisis’


The waste sector must take the lead in dealing with the climate crisis, writes Nigel Harvey, CEO of lighting industry compliance scheme Recolight and climate activist. OPINION: ...

10 March 2021

Opinion: ‘MRF glass delivers on quality and quantity’


With the right investment, materials recycling facility (MRF) glass delivers on quality and quantity, says Tim Gent, director of glass recycling company Recresco. OPINION: The ...

24 February 2021

Opinion: ‘Councils are unsung heroes in reducing food waste’


With Food Waste Action Week beginning on 1 March, Sarah Clayton, head of citizen behaviour at WRAP, examines what the resources charity wants to achieve with its event. OPINION: ...

18 February 2021

Opinion: ‘Getting the most out of recycled fridges’


While fridges contain metal for recycling and much more can be recovered and recycled, reuse is also an important option, as Robert Sant, managing director of AO Recycling, explains. In this article Mr Sant explains the work involved to ...

12 February 2021

Opinion: Safety standards and the role of the insurer


Safety concerns and fire risks run throughout the waste and recycling and waste to energy sectors and also relate to the crucial part insurers need to play in driving up safety standards. James Mountain, sales and marketing director at Fire ...