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With news on: Kaizen Recycling announces new partnership; Geminor releases sustainability report; Liebherr introduces ‘freshness technology’; and, Scottish waste firm praises JCB Hydradig.

Kaizen Recycling announces new partnership

Waste machinery and technology provider Kaizen Recycling has partnered with German-based equipment manufacturer Europress Umwelttechnik to help “penetrate the UK and Ireland market”.

Kaizen Recycling said that representatives from both companies met last month to agree cooperation in the form of a “sales representation”. This will see the pair working towards helping Europress expand its products into the UK and Ireland.

The representatives at the meeting were Richard Mawson and Duncan Bowett from Kaizen Recycling, with Europress Umwelttechnik GmbH’s general manager Peter Poll and Martin Nieuwenhuis from sales and consulting.

The company representatives met last month to agree on cooperation in the form of a “sales representation”

Kaizen Recycling was founded in 2006 to provide solutions to the waste and recycling sector. It offers a range of both mobile and static recycling technology. The company plans to broaden its portfolio with Europress products like channel balers and conveying technology.

Europress Umwelttechnik has more than 25 years of experience in designing and building these machines as well as acting as a general contractor for sorting plants. While the company has experience in countries outside and inside of the EU, Kaizen Recycling said, “the new partnership will help it expand to the UK and Ireland markets”.

Geminor releases sustainability report

Waste management company Geminor released a 2021 sustainability report last week (24 November), which showed that the company’s emissions have increased on 2020.

However, the company’s CEO Kjetil Vikingstad said that “this was expected as more data points were included and data quality improved”.

Kjetil Vikingstad, CEO of Geminor

Mr Vikingstad highlighted that this result does not change the company’s goal of becoming net zero by 2030. “We are now fully focused on offering less carbon-intense solutions to the market. To help promote this, we have developed our own calculation tool to estimate fossil carbon emissions from the waste we deliver,” he added.

While the report showed a slight decrease of 3% in the amount of waste handled (1.67 million tonnes) compared to 2020, it also showed that Geminor has surpassed the material recycling goal of 200,000 tonnes per year.

Mr Vikingstad then said that at present, “the most important” obstacle in the shift towards greener treatment and deposit is the higher cost. “Our experience is that the least costly solution often is prioritized,” Mr Vikingstad concluded.

Liebherr introduces ‘freshness technology’

Technology company Liebherr said last week (23 November) that its research revealed that UK household are throwing away £4.3 billion of uneaten food annually.

The research, which was carried out by 72Point/OnePoll on behalf of Liebherr, was conducted over August and November, surveying 2,000 adults in the UK. On the back of the survey, the company introduced ‘freshness technology’ BioFresh.

The results highlighted that over half (56%) of respondents feel they don’t have the information needed to reduce waste. The research also showed that one fifth (20%) of the respondents are wasting on average 40 food items per month in their households. The top reasons for this were cited as buying too much food (33%) and food not being stored correctly (31%).

It explained that nearly half (47%) of respondents weren’t aware that maintain the right humidity for storage can make fruit and veg last up to four weeks longer.

The company said that its BioFresh technology is “based on the observation that food stays optimally fresh when stored at just above freezing point”. Liebherr added that the BioFresh drawers act as ‘freshness safes’, with the temperature maintained at just over 0°C.

Scottish waste firm praises JCB Hydradig

Equipment manufacturer JCB said that Scottish company Newtown Waste Solutions has purchased two JCB Hydradig wheeled excavator models for its waste processing facility.

JCB said that, supplied by its dealer Scot JCB, the equipment has a tailswing of 120 mm and is able to work in the most confined areas.

JCB added that the multiple steer options, including four-wheel, two-wheel, crab and reverse, “make manoeuvring in limited space safer and easier”.

Scottish company Newtown Waste Solutions has acquired two JCB Hydradig models, JCB said

The two JCB Hydradig models are set to work at Motherwell-based Newtown Waste Solutions’ waste processing facility, which is said to recycle more than 95% of all the materials brought in.

Michael Smith, the company’s operations director, commented: “We have a small yard and the manoeuvrability on the Hydradig is fantastic. We use it with a selector grab for processing metal, wood and other segregated waste products and have found it to be a highly efficient tool.

“The operator feedback is that nothing can touch the JCB Hydradig for power, comfort and performance. It also brings outstanding visibility which is so key in our operation for safety reasons.”

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