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With news on: Reconomy acquires Sudamin Rohstoff; Council officially opens £41.8m recycling hub; OPRL responds to LGA packaging research report; and Alfred H Knight extends waste services to cover international markets.

Reconomy acquires Sudamin Rohstoff

Reconomy has acquired Sudamin Rohstoff, a German-based independent recycling broker specialising in valuable metals.

Guy Wakeley, chief executive at Reconomy

Sudamin’s core business is the collection of valuable metal-containing residues from electro-steel plants across Europe.

The company then delivers them to specialist recycling facilities, aiming to fulfil all necessary national and international documentation requirements to certify full regulatory compliance.

Sudamin also owns approvals and licences for brokering waste disposal and battery and black mass recovery services.

Guy Wakeley, chief executive at Reconomy, stated: “Reconomy is delighted to partner with Sudamin, Europe’s leading specialist in the recovery of zinc and other valuable metals from the by-products of electric arc furnaces.  We see real potential to develop new recycling and recovery streams across our client base as the steel industry adapts to the opportunities of the circular economy.”

Martin Pothfelder, chief executive at Sudamin Rohstoff, added: “We are thrilled to be joining forces with Reconomy and contributing our expertise to further advance sustainable solutions in the circular economy. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Sudamin and reaffirms our commitment to driving positive change in the recycling industry alongside Reconomy’s market-leading brands.”

Council officially opens £41.8m recycling hub

Bath & North East Somerset (B&NES) council has officially opened the Keynsham Recycling Hub – a £41.8 million purpose-built facility.

Tim Ball and Sarah Moore, from the council, unveiling the site

The site, located in World’s End Lane, Keynsham, opened in April 2023, initially as a public household waste, reuse and recycling centre.

With construction recently completed in the final phase, the facility now also acts as a depot for household recycling and waste collections, as well as vehicle servicing. This consolidates three existing operational facilities across the area.

The hub functions as a central depot for more than 100 recycling and refuse collections vehicles, with more than 200 operations and support staff now based in the modern offices and welfare facilities on site.

Said to have been designed with “carefully considered” sustainability measures built in, the facility includes a 3800m2 solar PV array on top of the buildings and rainwater harvesting, which collects water from roof tops to be stored underground and used for vehicle washing and plant watering.

OPRL responds to LGA packaging research report

OPRL’s managing director, Jude Allan, has spoken on a recent survey on packaging and waste conducted by the Local Government Association.

OPRL’s managing director, Jude Allan

The online survey found that 88% of people believe that packaging should have clearer labelling, and that councils are “six times more likely” to be trusted with recycling, as opposed to the government or industry” (see letsrecycle.com story).

Ms Allan commented: “With EPR underway, we are seeing major changes to the composition of packaging. Brands are including greater levels of recyclable material and switching to recyclable packaging. But OPRL’s own research has shown that over half of respondents say they cannot always understand whether packaging can be recycled. For EPR to be effective, it is crucial that consumers are given the right tools to make the right choices.

“The LGA’s recent research shows a public that is engaged with the debate around packaging and keen to recycle. However, there is a clear message that was mirrored in OPRL’s consumer survey, showing a degree of distrust for producers and government. When it comes to labelling, consumers need clear instructions and trust in the metrics behind the claims.”

Alfred H Knight extends waste services to cover international markets

Alfred H Knight is a provider of inspection and analysis services

Alfred H Knight has expanded its waste analysis capabilities into international markets.  

Waste composition analysis ­is designed to educate end users on the types and quantities of items being disposed of within their waste streams, further informing recycling campaigns and improvements to waste handling.

David Kerrigan, group head of energy services, added: “This work is an exciting step towards geographically diversifying our Waste Composition Analysis service through supporting the requirements of our prospective international clientele, ultimately responding better to the ever-evolving industry needs.

“It will provide our prospective international clientele with an efficient service offering, whilst providing critical data to make informed decisions concerning waste management within their respective countries or regions, in line with legislation.”

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