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With news on: Liverpool city launches recycling campaign; Wood Recyclers’ Association gains CPD approval; Oxford changes bin collections to tackle climate emergency; Minister Poots encourages carrier bag reuse.

Liverpool city launches recycling campaign

Liverpool city region has launched a digital campaign to remind residents how to ‘recycle right’.

Don’t Treat Us Like Rubbish is part of Recycle Right initiative led by Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) to help improve recycling rates across the region.

The digital campaign aims to remind householders how to correctly separate recyclables and prevent contamination. It can be seen on screens around the city region and on social media channels.

The digital campaign can be seen on screens across the city and social media channels

Councillor Tony Concepcion, chairperson of MRWA, said: “Some materials are placed in dirty, or recycling bagged up, which can often ruin entire loads of collected recyclables. Our core message is trying to remind residents that recycling is a valuable resource, not just rubbish. We need to keep our recycling clean and loose in our bins.”

The Liverpool’s city region’s recycling rate was at 35% in 2020/21, while contamination increased by 10% in the 2021 calendar year.

Wood Recyclers’ Association gains CPD approval

The Wood Recyclers’ Association (WRA) is has announced that its meetings, workshops and events can be used towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for its members.

The WRA has been accredited by The CPD Certification Service. Its first quarterly members’ meeting of 2022, on 9th March, will be worthy of CPD points for members belonging to professional bodies requiring evidence of learning covered by topics on its agenda.

WRA took the decision to apply for CPD accreditation earlier this year.

Julia Turner, executive director of the WRA, said: “Our meetings cover very in-depth topics about issues important in the waste and recycling sector, with many learning opportunities for delegates who attend”.

Attending members who wish to apply for CPD points from the meeting will need to inform the WRA, who will liaise with the CPD Accreditation Service, and a certificate will then be issued.

Oxford changes bin collections to tackle climate emergency

Bin collection rounds in Oxford are to be adjusted after a decade.

From 4 April, Oxford city council plans to adjust some collection routes and times to reflect the changes in multiple areas.

Volumes of recycling, housing additions and traffic patterns have changed, resulting in a large collection round and staff having to work extra hours one week, with a light collection round the next.

The council will change several collection routes to improve the service, reduce the vehicle emissions and take account of the growing city, resulting in a change in collection days for around half of the properties in the city. Bins should be placed out as usual on the new collection day.

Councillor Lubna Arshad, cabinet member for parks and waste reduction, said: “We want to make sure that this change is brought in with as little disruption as possible and that residents don’t miss having their bin emptied.”

The overall collection schedules are to remain the same, with food waste collected weekly and mixed recycling, rubbish and garden waste collected fortnightly.

Minister Poots encourages carrier bag reuse

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful has launched a competition, promoted by their Eco-Schools programme, to encourage carrier bag reuse.

Pupils are being asked to design a poster highlighting the environmental benefits of reusing carrier bags.

Last November, Minister Poots announced the carrier bag levy charge in Northern Ireland will increase from 5 to 25 pence from 1 April.

Minister Poots encourages reuse of carrier bags

The existing price threshold will also be extended, with all bags priced at £5 or less subject to the levy, irrespective of their material.

Minister Poots said: “People are still throwing away their carrier bags instead of reusing them. It is important that we educate our young people to do all they can to protect and support our environment.”

The competition is open to all Year 4 and Year 9 pupils within the Eco-Schools network and will run from 21 February to 14 March. The two winners, one from each year group, will win an iPad with each of the winning schools receiving a donation.

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