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With news on: Dartford sees less fly tipping after WasteCam installation; MST named high tip bucket provider for UK; Global Recycling Solutions to showcase at LetsRecycle Live; Bendall invests in Molson Green car dismantler; and, less plastic use ‘high up’ on resident priority list, says LGA

Dartford sees less fly-tipping after WasteCam installation

Dartford borough council has said the number of fly-tips occurring at a community recycling centre “dramatically reduced” after the installation of cameras.

The camera was installed at a fly-tipping hot spot

Before installing the cameras the fly tipping “hot spot” saw three tonnes of material being dumped each week.

Three months following the installation of a WasteWatch cam, the council says the amount tipped has reduced to less than one tonne a week.

Once the WasteWatch camera is in place, it uses video analytics to detect cars that arrive on-site, people getting out of cars and even the objects they are discarding of, meaning offenders can be identified.

John Roberts, head of local authority support at WasteWatch said: “Local authorities like Dartford borough council do not have the time or resources to be trawling through hours and hours of CCTV footage in the hopes to capture fly-tippers, only to find that the resolution is so poor that they can’t make out a number plate.

“The only other alternative is for local authorities, who definitely have better things to do, to manually search through the waste to find some kind of form of address that could identify the culprit. Neither make sense – from a cost, time-management or effectiveness perspective.”

MST named high tip bucket provider for UK

MST parts group has been named the sole authorised high-tip bucket provider in the UK.

MST is now the sole provider of these buckets in the UK

The company’s Viby buckets, which were first manufactured in Denmark in the 1960s, are “renowned as high-quality loading equipment built to last”.

The buckets are built from full Hardox steel, which has been optimised for “durability against impact and wear”, whilst also being lightweight to reduce wear on the machine itself.

They are also designed differently to others on the market, where weight is distributed further back which reinforces stability. All rams are cushioned, and components including rams, pins, pipes and bushes are OE quality.

Rory Whitehall, MST’s managing director, said: “At MST, we have a long history as a trusted supplier to OEDs and OEMs, as well as directly with large-scale users. They choose us because of our wealth of knowledge in hardwearing loading equipment.”

Global Recycling Solutions to showcase at LetsRecycle Live

Global Recycling Solutions will be showcasing at LetsRecycle Live, which takes place on the 15-16 September at Stoneleigh Park near Coventry.

The company will showcase some of its equipment at the show

The machinery hire company are distributors of numerous leading international brands including Shred-Tech, Bandit, Pronar, SANY, Camec, Backers, Jo Beau, Norwood and Frontier Sawmills.

Its stand at Let’sRecycle Live will showcase waste, recycling and excavation equipment that is at the “forefront of technological development, using advanced engineering and design that sets it apart from the rest of the market”.

Global Recycling Solutions will be also be running live demos throughout the show.

The company said it is “looking forward to welcoming visitors” to meet its sales team, who will be available to “offer bespoke advice on machinery”.

Bendall invests in Molson Green car dismantler

The dismantler helps to improve the overall percentage of a vehicle that can actually be recycled

Bendall Metal Recycling has invested in Kobelco SK140SRD car dismantler supplied by the recycling machinery company Molson Green.

The machines work to pick out small pieces of valuable material which helps to improve the overall percentage of a vehicle that can actually be recycled.

Molson said that this increased yield – as much as 30% in some applications – not only makes end-of-life vehicle recycling more profitable, but makes it viable for the Bendall’s team to take on vehicles that have been partially processed by other firms, ensuring that more is recycled.

As well as providing a “better-quality final product”, the improvement in yield means there is less material remaining to be put into the shear and therefore, less wear on these expensive pieces of equipment.

Matt Wilson, Molson sales manager said: “This is the perfect machine for the Bendall Metal Recycling team, with the ideal attachment. The Kobelco is a factory-built machine and so benefits from a full warranty”.

Less plastic use ‘high up’ on resident priority list, says LGA

A survey undertaken for the Local Government Association found that 90% of residents reported less plastic use, and increasing the use of renewable energy to be “high up” on their priority list.

Reducing plastic was high of residents’ priority list

It also found that 94% of residents want to see increased biodiversity in their area.

Cllr David Renard, environment spokesperson for the LGA, said: “Councils are essential to transforming our places and empowering our communities and businesses to a net zero future and are well-placed to deliver.

“The majority of residents feel it is important for councils to undertake activities to tackle climate change. Many have been implementing changes for a long time now, as they lead the local fight against climate change.”

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