New RVS chief vows to get the company more ‘entrenched’ in market

The new managing director of Refuse Vehicles Solutions (RVS), Philippe Harding,  has pledged to get the company “more entrenched” into the market.

RVS provides a full range of refuse vehicle solutions, including sales of new and used vehicles, rentals, maintenance, repairs, parts, and transportation.

Philippe Harding was named RVS managing director in October 2023

The company appointed Philippe Harding as managing director in October, who has a background spanning over 25 years in the commercial vehicle hire industry and has previously served as managing director at Gulliver’s Truck Tire, based in the southeast, overseeing operations across multiple locations nationwide.

Speaking with letsrecycle.com about his plans for the company, Mr Harding said: “We want to see the business grow, become more successful. Our aim is to foster the evolution of the net profit line, fortifying the overall strength and diversification of our enterprise. I see the company as market leader and I want to continue with that, develop it and get entrenched even more into the market. I want to be the first choice for consumers in the market.”


Central to RVS’s strategy is the conversion of existing vehicles into electric ones, a move that aligns with the company’s commitment to reducing its clients’ carbon footprints. Mr Law highlighted the financial advantages of this approach over purchasing new diesel vehicles while contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

The collaboration between the company and the London borough of Islington to convert 2017 vehicles into electric models significantly extends the vehicles’ lifespan by an additional seven years, demonstrating RVS’s commitment to maximising utility and efficiency.

Mr Harding acknowledged that while electrification remains a core focus for the company, RVS’s interests extend beyond. With a rental fleet surpassing 200 vehicles, sales of innovative products like MOL and AJK, and strategic investments in field sales and skill development, RVS aims for comprehensive growth.

Mr Hard also stated there are “exciting developments” on the horizon for RVS, with the imminent delivery of the first vehicle from a 26-vehicle fleet to Bywaters, a waste management company with headquarters in London, Mr Harding believes this “delivery symbolises a longstanding partnership between RVS and the Glover family, demonstrating ongoing satisfaction with RVS’s MOL compaction bodies as this is the third fleet Bywater had ordered from the company.

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