Morrisons and Salvation Army in textile recycling deal

The Salvation Army and Morrisons have partnered to trial a ‘drop and shop’ in-store collection scheme for textiles.

The points will enable the charity to interact with those donating, and could help cut contamination

The first point was launched earlier this month at the Wednesbury store in the West Midlands, enabling customers to drop off donations before doing their shopping.

The scheme will be expanded to more stores later this year, with the trial marking the beginning of a wider partnership between the supermarket chain and SATcol, the Salvation Army Trading Company.

Kirk Bradley, SATCoL’s head of corporate partnerships, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Morrison’s sustainability team on the new Drop & Shop concept. This enables us to interact with Morrison’s customers and donors; it also gives more people the opportunity to reuse and recycle their pre-loved items which helps reduce waste and raise more money for vital charity work.

“By donating to the Salvation Army Drop and Shop or our clothing banks, people are supporting the work being done across the country to help some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, providing essentials like hot meals for rough sleepers, food parcels for struggling families and doorstep friendship for isolated older people.”


The drop and shop scheme will see the pair move away from traditional clothing banks, which are often seen in large supermarket car parks.

Under this system, the desks will be inside and at times manned, which could help reduce contamination too.

Customers who use the scheme will directly help the Salvation Army, which works includes tackling homelessness and the underlying issues, support for the victims of human trafficking and modern slavery, as well as struggling families.

This partnership will aim to raise funds to support the Charity’s work across the UK and Ireland.

The Salvation Army will be expanding the project later in the year with a launch of a Drop and Shop with Morrisons Failsworth store, and customers can continue to donate their pre-loved textiles to SATCoL banks across Morrisons stores nationwide.

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