“Metal is the preferred packaging material”, says Eviosys

Eviosys, a packaging manufacturer has announced that “metal is the preferred material for packaging”.

For the third consecutive year, Eviosys has conducted a Europe-wide survey focusing on consumer sentiments toward packaging sustainability and its influence on business decisions.

2,000 customers and 600 European businesses from the manufacturing, retail and consumer packaged goods sectors were surveyed.

The 2024 survey highlights a notable shift in European attitudes toward sustainable packaging and material preferences. Consumers express growing frustration over excessive plastic use in supermarkets, with 63% acknowledging metal as a more sustainable alternative.

It also reveals there has been a rise in investment in sustainable solutions, with 90% of European businesses either researching or implementing such measures.


Despite this momentum, transitioning to sustainable packaging faces various obstacles, with cost cited as the primary concern by 33% of businesses. Other challenges include consumer interest (19%), supply chain issues (19%), regulatory hurdles (12%) and material availability (14%).

Nevertheless, optimism prevails, with 45% of businesses expecting to adopt 100% recyclable packaging within 1-3 years and 90% within the next decade.

It also highlights that 57% of consumers are willing to pay more for products in sustainable packaging, with 82% showing a preference for products in metal packaging due to its recyclable nature.

This reflects a broader trend where 70% of consumers prioritise reusability and recyclability over luxurious or uniquely designed packaging.


Laetitia Durafour, marketing director at Eviosys, said: “On the business front, the survey shows a strong industry response to consumer demands, with 90% of businesses investing in sustainable packaging research or implementation in the past year. However, challenges remain, with a third citing cost constraints as a significant barrier to adopting more sustainable options.

“However, with 98% of businesses now exhibiting an awareness of the recycling processes and the sustainability of packaging materials, the next step for businesses is to engage with their customers on these issues and foster a shared responsibility along the value chain.

“There are only two permanent materials that can be recycled over and over again infinitely: glass and metal, the other packaging materials will end up in waste at one point in time.

“As a metal packaging producer, we need to support the brands in their transition to the powerful and truly circular packaging material that metal can be with more clarity and education for consumers.”

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