LondonEnergy uses electric Volvo FM bulker

LondonEnergy has introduced a fully electric Volvo FM bulker into its fleet.  

The Volvo FM Electric, which is powered by five lithium-ion batteries, will be used to transport materials from LondonEnergy’s waste transfer station in Islington to its EcoPark recycling and energy recovery facility in Edmonton. 

The company highlighted that the vehicle offers a “92% reduction” in CO2 equivalent emissions compared to its diesel counterpart. It stated that this assessment includes emissions from production (encompassing raw material extraction, transportation and assembly), service life (covering fuel production, consumption and maintenance) and end-of-life processes (including recycling emissions and credits).  


Katie Blowes, waste operations manager at LondonEnergy, said: “This state-of-the-art vehicle will make a significant contribution to reducing our carbon footprint but just as importantly it will provide real-world data to help inform future fleet procurement decisions as we continue our journey to net zero.  

“We have been working with Volvo for almost two years on plans to electrify our fleet and this has been priceless in developing our understanding of these technologies, how we can implement them and the benefits they offer. With minimal operational changes we can leverage sizeable environmental improvements without any disruption to the business or our processes.” 

LondonEnergy also operates several other electric vehicles, including cars and vans. The company has said that data collected from the Volvo FM Electric will inform its future procurement decisions. 


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