Legislation Thursday 25 April 2019
23 April 2019

Suez calls for ‘hybrid’ EPR system

Suez has said that none of the four options set out in the government’s consultations on reforming the packaging producer responsibility system is “suitable in its entirety”. In a report released last week (18 April), the ...


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25 April 2019

Government ‘passing the buck’ on post-Brexit environmental laws


Government plans for post-Brexit environmental regulation will effectively ‘pass the buck’ to local authorities over failure to meet future green goals. This is the conclusion of the Environmental Audit Committee, led by the ...

11 April 2019

Stroud council investigates ‘trade waste bonfires’


Stroud district council has revealed that it is investigating ‘an increasing number’ of complaints about illegal waste bonfires on industrial and trade premises. Materials being burnt on commercial properties includes plastics...

10 April 2019

MP suggests peerage for UKWIN campaigner


MPs debated the future need for energy from waste plants in England in Parliament yesterday, with one member calling for anti-incineration campaigner Shlomo Dowen to be recommended for a peerage. The debate yesterday was secured ...

4 April 2019

MP questions packaging waste compliance system


A Labour MP has called on the government to reduce the number of packaging compliance schemes operating in the UK, describing it as 'one of the big flaws' in the packaging compliance system. Anna McMorrin, the MP for Cardiff ...

2 April 2019

Agency rolls out landfill and WEEE permit cost changes


The Environment Agency has made changes to the environmental permitting system, to recover the cost of monitoring environmental issues at closed landfill sites. The changes, which came into effect yesterday (1 April) are designed ...

1 April 2019

Landfill Tax rate rises to £91.35 per tonne


Landfill Tax rates have moved above £90 per tonne for the first time from today (1 April 2019). The latest tax rates – which are currently the same for all areas across the UK – are: for standard rate material £91.35 and ...

28 March 2019

MEPs agree single-use plastic measures


The European Parliament has approved legislation which paves the way for a 90% collection target for plastic bottles by 2029, as well as a full ban on many single-use plastic products from 2021. The proposals, which also included ...

14 March 2019

OBR predicts Scottish landfill tax ‘displacement’


Scotland’s 2021 ban on biodegradable municipal waste to landfill will ‘mostly benefit UK tax receipts’ – the government’s Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has claimed. The conclusion was reached in the organisation...

6 March 2019

MPs question strength of post-Brexit green watchdog


MPs have questioned whether the government’s proposed Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) will have the autonomy and power to hold ministers to account over environmental laws. Environment Secretary Michael Gove and Defra ...

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