Leeds adds RCV camera system to ‘mitigate false insurance claims’

Leeds city council has announced it has installed a camera system to its waste fleet to track, monitor and protect its vehicles and drivers.

The cameras have been installed on the council's entire waste fleet

The council which operates the second largest refuse and recycling collection fleet outside London, comprising 80 refuse collection vehicles, installed the Fleetclear software which encompasses several aspects of vehicle and driver safety, operational efficiency, and compliance.

Fleetclear’s RXLite camera system has been installed on RCVs, replacing ‘legacy CCTV cameras’ where the “retrieval of footage either took too long or the council would discover too late that a camera was faulty”.

The Fleetclear system provides a HD 360° view around the vehicle so whatever the issue the council can see exactly what happened and take necessary action.

This means that for any claims made against the council, footage can quickly be used. It is also good for driver training, the council said.


Fleetclear also provides similar technology for other councils across the UK, including Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Hackney and Edinburgh City. They also work with Serco and Ubico.

Stephen Perrin, sales manager (North & Scotland), at Fleetclear, said: “Leeds city council has pulled out all the stops to further improve its waste and recycling service provision and the vehicles that perform collections are an important part of these operations.

“Our camera systems are robust and reliable, built for harsh environments, and with our software platform the council can now track its entire fleet in real time as well as quickly retrieve specific footage from any vehicle.”


It believes that the camera system will allow the council to use footage as evidence to mitigate false insurance claims or take action in improving behaviour or safety practices.

Matthew Birkett, service manager, Leeds city council, said: “ “We make about 500,000 collections each week, if there is a complaint or issue from a member of the public, or a crew member, we must deal with it immediately. It can’t take weeks or months to resolve.

Mr Birkett added: “The Fleetclear RXLite camera system provides a HD 360° view around the vehicle so whatever the issue we can see exactly what happened and take necessary action. The image quality is good and with the Fleetclear Connect software we can protect our vehicles and drivers’ in real-time.”

“Fleetclear Connect is a fantastic system. We have an online dashboard, where we can easily view and extract the information we need. For example, because the footage is geo-locatable, we can identify any vehicles that have passed through a certain area and view all sets of coverage from each vehicle. We can identify who was there and what happened in seconds.”

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