Lancashire awards £1.6m green waste contract

Lancashire county council has awarded a contract for the acceptance and composting of un-shredded green waste arising in East Lancashire.

The awarded contract covers the boroughs of Hyndburn, Pendle, Burnley and Rossendale (picture: Shutterstock)

An award notice was published on 9 February and explains that the total value of the contract is £1.56 million, split into four lots “which are aligned to four districts of East Lancashire”. These are Hyndburn borough council, Burnley borough council, Pendle borough council and Rossendale borough council.

The notice states that the contract covers green waste from household kerbside collections in each borough as well as green waste arising from each area’s household waste recycling centre (HWRC).

The initial framework period will be for three years, the notice continues, after which the authority may extend the agreement for a further year. Tonnages weren’t specified.


The lot seeking tenders for Hyndburn borough council has been awarded to Wigan-based S.E.D. Services Limited at a value of £296,000. The company was chosen out of six received tenders, the notice says.

Burnley borough council will see its green waste composted by Wigan-based Brosters Environmental Limited, which was chosen out of five received tenders. The lot’s value amounts to £508,000. The company was also awarded the fourth lot for the composting of Rossendale borough council’s green waste with a value of £244,000, the notice explains. Similarly, there were five tenders received for the fourth lot, the notice sets out.

The third lot covering Pendle borough council has been awarded to Preston-based Resource Recycling Solutions Limited, the notice reads. The value was the same as the previous lot at £508,000, the notice outlines, adding that five tenders were received for this lot as well.

Current arrangement

According to the council’s website, the county’s green waste is currently composted at Farington and Thornton waste recovery parks, each of which has a facility to compost 55,000 tonnes of garden waste per year.

After being collected by local waste collection authorities, the green waste is delivered to the waste recovery parks, where it is shredded and taken into the composting hall, the council website explains. It adds that once the composting process is finished, the resulting product can be bagged up and sold.

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