First chief appointed for 5.4 million London Remade projects

London Waste Action has confirmed that environment and business consultant Hugh Carr-Harris of Enviros has been appointed as programme director for London Remade, the market development arm of London Waste Action.

The London Remade programme has received 5.4 million of Single Regeneration Budget (SRB) funding from the London Development Agency. It plans to create three “eco-industrial sites” in the Thames Gateway where reprocessing technologies can be demonstrated and showcased in order to stimulate interest and facilitate technology transfer. One of the first schemes could involve Cleanaway and a composting project.

A spokesman for London Remade said the organisation, “commands support from the waste industry, government, local government and material reprocessors, and aims to divert 250,000 tonnes of London’s waste from landfill by encouraging its reprocessing into secondary materials for the manufacturing sector”.

Besides helping councils meet recycling targets, London Remade says it will also mean “the re-industrialisation of the Thames Gateway region through the creation and retention of jobs in the supply, processing and manufacturing sectors”.

Stephen O&#39B;rien, chair of London Waste Action, said: “I am delighted that Hugh will be bringing his business and technical skills to London Remade where he now has a key role to play in contributing to the development of a commercially sustainable recycling industry in London.”

London Remade is the market development arm of London Waste Action. LWA was established in 1997 to bring together London's private and public sector leaders to develop waste management strategies for the capital. The LWA Board consists of individuals from London First, London council associations, the Environment Agency, Waste Watch and Cleanaway.

It has worked with the boroughs in implementing the 12 million capital challenge programme to support recycling collection and sorting infrastructure.


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