DRS insights to be provided at RWM & Letsrecycle Live

The RWM & Letsrecycle Live show this week – 14-15 September – will give attendees the most up-to-date insight into how the UK’s deposit return scheme (DRS) is progressing, with some of largest industry decision makers present.

RWM Letsrecycle Live
Scotland's DRS goes live from 16 August 2023 (picture: Shutterstock)

Along with other elements of the Resources and Waste Strategy, the DRS will be the focus of multiple sessions across the two days.

The Slovakian minister for the environment, Ján Budaj will also be sharing best practice from his country’s successful rollout of the scheme.

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While the industry still awaits consultation responses, progress on the DRS will be discussed on 13:15 on day one of the show in the keynote theatre when a panel discusses the impact of the strategy.

The Z sign on drinks containers indicates they are returnable, as Z stands for ‘deposit’ in Slovak

This will see the CIWM’s Lee Marshall and WRAP’s Chris Mills discuss the topic, along with Paul Van Danzig from Wastepack.

At 13:00 on day one, the prospect of a digital DRS will be discussed in the data and digital theatre.

A string of digital DRS design models have been released in recent years, which mainly work by using existing kerbside recycling collections, making this the main point for collecting containers and allowing the consumer to redeem their deposit via a smartphone app or other digital scanners.

This session will bring together Carla Worth, senior consultant at Resource Futures, Laura Fernandez from Ocado Retail and Polytag’s head of partnerships, Ric Exley.

On the second day of the show Mark Brill, VP sales and marketing at Tomra Collection, will shed some light on what makes a modern DRS truly circular in a session at the circular economy & sustainability theatre at 11.45.

Best practice

Jan Budaj, Slovakian environment minister

Visitors will also be able to gain valuable insight from those who have had the experience of implementing the scheme elsewhere.

On the second day of the show, Slovakia’s Minister of Environment, Ján Budaj, will outline how the scheme was implemented in Slovakia during a talk at 12.15 in the keynote theatre.

This will be followed by a session titled ‘Practically implementing a DRS in the UK’ starting at 14.00 in the packaging theatre.

This will outline plans for the world’s first full community trial of  a digital DRS designed to provide data and answers to the key questions.

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