Cumberland council to consult on ‘streamlining’ waste services

Cumberland council has launched a waste collection public engagement survey to gain insights into public opinions on “streamlining” its waste services.

The survey was launched on 14 February and closes on 15 March and invites local residents to participate in the development of the future of waste management in the Cumberland area.

The initiative follows the ‘Local Government Reorganisation,’ which the council said prompted it to re-evaluate the three separate waste collections that were previously managed by individual district councils.

As part of the survey the authority is exploring opportunities to expand the range of items collected from the kerbside such as small electricals and textiles.

In addition to waste collection, the authority seeks public opinions on the potential introduction of education schemes aimed at informing residents about recycling practices.

It highlights that the goal of the survey is to create a more efficient and effective waste collection service that spans the entire Cumberland region.

The council stated that rehauling its services is a collaborative effort that involves engaging with Cumberland council employees, councillors, trade unions, and the local community.


Councillor Denise Rollo, Cumberland council’s executive member for sustainable, resilient and connected places, said: “We would like to encourage our residents to complete the online survey, which will take around five minutes to complete, this way we can listen to the comments and really focus on what residents want for the future of waste collections.

“This proactive approach shows the council’s dedication to understanding the diverse needs and expectations of its residents, ensuring that the resulting waste collection service is not only effective but also reflective of the unique requirements of the Cumberland community.

“With a total of nine roadshows spread across the Cumberland patch, our aim is to ensure a well-distributed and diverse attendance of residents. We look forward to welcoming as many people as possible to these events, fostering a mix of outlooks and insights”.


Residents are encouraged to contribute their insights through a brief online survey which it says will only take five minutes to complete.

Additionally, the council is hosting drop-in roadshows to provide a more direct and interactive platform for residents to share their perspectives.

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