Court hands Warrington man £500 fine for fly-tipping

A man in Warrington has been prosecuted and fined £640 for two waste offences, following an investigation by local authorities.

Warrington borough council reported that it had received reports of waste being illegally dumped at two locations: Blackbrook Square and Howley Lane.

The council investigated the incidents and linked the van to Alex McColl. Its investigations were supported by witness accounts at the two locations.

According to the council, Mr McColl was charged with “allowing the vehicle under his control to deposit fly-tipped waste”.

Mr McColl appeared before Warrington Magistrates Court on 14 June 2024, where he admitted to the charge related to unlawful waste disposal.

He was given fines totalling £500 and ordered to pay an additional £140 victim surcharge by the court. Mr McColl was also sentenced to 60 hours of unpaid community work for his role in the offence.


David Boyer, director of environment and transport at Warrington borough council, said: “This is a good example of members of the public working cooperatively with us to identify and apprehend an offender. We will always pursue effective lines of enquiry and use all our available powers to tackle fly-tipping which causes a real blight on local areas.

“Vehicle owners should be aware that they can face substantial fines if their vehicle is used in a fly-tipping incident. This applies whether the owner claims they were aware of the illegal activity or not.”



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