CIWM urges Labour to push forward with sector policies

Following the recent publishing of its resources policy blueprint, CIWM has welcomed the new secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs, Steve Reed, as well as colleagues Ed Miliband (secretary of state for energy security and net zero) and Bridget Phillipson (secretary of state for education).

Lee Marshall, director of innovation and technical services, CIWM, said: “CIWM is committed to working across government to realise Labour’s manifesto commitment to ‘reduce waste by moving to a circular economy.’”

The resources policy blueprint contained 10 ‘policy asks’, designed to accelerate the transition to a “more resource resilient and circular economy”.

Green Skills Fund

Years one and two of the plan include the implementation of existing resources and waste strategy policies and the creation of a cross-governed resource resilience task force and launch of a Green Skills Fund. Also included is EPR for several key product types, and targets across the top half of the waste hierarchy (prevention, reuse, repair).

Through years three and five, CIWM has suggested the government develop a Circular Economy Plan, with a supporting Resource Resilience Strategy. Also detailed is the pricing of raw materials so that they include negative environmental externalities, and the introduction of targeted economic instruments.

Finally, CIWM has urged the government to strengthen eco-design and waste prevention, as well as ensure adequate funding for Environment Agency and other regulators.

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