Bright Green Plastics invests in sorting plant 

Castleford-based plastic recycling firm Bright Green Plastics has announced that it will invest £750,000 into a plastic sorting plant at its site in West Yorkshire.

The sorting facility will cost £750,000 and Bright Green says it will be fully operational by the end of this month

The company, which claims to recycle over 40,000 tonnes of household and commercial material each year, says the plant will enable it to take bales of mixedplasticsand 3D materials collected from the kerbside, and sort them by polymer type, colour and sift out any waste.

Bright Green Plastics, formerly known as ImerPlast, said  the plant will also allow it to buy materials from the wider market and eliminate reliance on purchasing pre-sorted bales from other processors.

 This will bring “commercial benefits to the business”, and increase its supply of high quality, sorted materials.

The plant will be fully operational at the end of July 2020, after original plans to open in January 2020 were postponed due to the coronavrius pandemic. 


The plant is phase one of a long-term investment plan which aims to upgrade equipment to keep up with the demand of recycling services in line with the introduction of UK plastic tax in 2022.

Steve Spencer, managing director at Bright Green Plastics, said:This investment will reduce the core costs within our business, however, we are also excited by the fact it will create more jobs in an area, whilst boosting the UK plastic reprocessing industry – which has been badly affected by COVID19, by creating more recycling capacity.

The new UK sorting plant is likely to discourage exporting of mixed materials due to this new UK based processing capacity to sort the plastics into single stream polymers prior to recyclingCraig Davisonmanager of the plant, said:Were set to play a key role in increasing the UKs recycling capacity. Getting to work with the very latest technology to keep perfectly good, recyclable plastic in the UK is a huge step in the right direction for our industry after whats been an extremely challenging time.”  


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