Brent rolls out electric RCVs as part of Veolia contract

Veolia has announced that it has provided nine electric refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) and street cleaning vehicles as part of its contract with Brent London borough council.

Brent council new electric vehicle from Veolia (Picture: Veolia)

*These vehicles include one RCV, four vans, 2 cage tippers and 1 mechanical sweeper.

The company explained that these vehicles will save over 50 tonnes of CO2 compared to the previous diesel vehicles. The transition to electric vehicles will also reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter, the company added.



Gisela Endres, senior contract manager for Veolia Brent, said: “It is crucial for us to explore different ways of reducing the impact of our operations on the local environment. Upgrading our fleet with electric vehicles plays a vital role in helping us determine the most efficient and cost-effective ways of delivering sustainable services to Brent residents on behalf of their Council.”


Cllr Krupa Sheth, cabinet member for Environment, Infrastructure and Climate Action at Brent council, added: “It was really exciting to see our contractor’s new electric fleet of vehicles that will be used to keep Brent clean and green. Electric vehicles are a key component of our ambitious target of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, that is why we are installing high amounts of electric vehicle charging points across the borough and transitioning to electric fleets of vehicles where possible.”


This announcement comes after earlier this month Veolia claimed to have successfully trialled vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology on waste collection vehicles, which would enable unused energy to be fed back to the National Grid at peak times.

The company, which says it is the largest waste collection fleet operator in the UK, has previously outlined plans to electrify all of its 1,800 refuse collection vehicles in the country by 2040.

*Article updated 22/01/24


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