Borough-wide kerbside WEEE collections launched in Haringey

Haringey council, in partnership with its waste contractor Veolia, is to launch a borough-wide small electrical recycling doorstep collection service tomorrow (14 February). 

Residents can book a collection of small WEEE online or by calling Veolia

The initiative is backed by £80,000 of funding from Material Focus, which is funded by the compliance fee paid by electrical producers who fail to meet recycling targets. Haringey is one of 40 local authorities across the region who have benefitted from funding.

To receive a household collection, residents have been told to book a collection via Haringey’s dedicated website or phone to confirm a collection slot  via the Veolia contact centre, and then bag up their small electricals ready for collection.

Alternatively, locals can take their recycling to the new bring banks which will be placed across four estates in the borough, making recycling “more easily accessible for all Haringey residents”.

‘Great opportunity’

Paul Peters, senior contracts manager at Veolia Haringey, said: “This is a great opportunity for residents to easily recycle some of their household items that cannot go in the regular recycling bin. Previous small-scale trials we have undertaken have demonstrated an appetite from residents to recycle their small electrical items so we are confident that this borough-wide scheme will be a big success.”

“We are pleased to support Haringey’s household and bring bank collection services for small electrical items that address the pressing issue of e-waste.” said Scott Butler, Executive Director of Material Focus. “By investing in improved collection and drop-off services and exploring new recycling methods, we are taking a significant step towards creating a more sustainable future by making it easier for 10 million more people to recycle their electricals.”


Residents will be made aware of how and where they can recycle their electricals through  information on leaflets and on eye-catching posters featuring HypnoCat.

The aim of the nationwide Electricals Recycling Fund is to significantly reduce e-waste and its environmental impact by making it easier for consumers to recycle their electricals.

The projects that have been funded by Material Focus include a variety of recycling methods, from kerbside collections to more drop-off points in schools, community centres, and bring banks. Overall there will be over 400 new collection points plus kerbside collections for 5.5 million UK residents.

Haringey serves around 270,000 residents and recorded a recycling rate of 27.4% in 2022/23.



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