Bio Capital Group acquires Linwood transfer station

Bio Capital Group, a commercial energy from food waste producer, has announced it has acquired Linwood food waste transfer station. 

This acquisition is the fourth addition to its portfolio in Scotland and Bio Capital Group have highlighted that it will “improve its ability to process feedstock for its regional anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities. 

The site, which is located in Paisley, Scotland, has been acquired from Keenan Recycling and is said to have the capabilities to process 13,200 tonnes of food waste per an annum.  

Bio Capital Group have reported that the site will divert food waste from landfill and provide a feedstock for Bio Capital’s Barkip and Energen AD sites. 


Bio Capital’s general manager, George O’Malley, said: “This transfer station is an important acquisition to the Bio Capital group, securing local feedstock, and gives us an opportunity to expand our tonnage portfolio. Bio Capital continues to acquire strategic sites and develop working partnerships with key stakeholders, this is yet another exciting move, both for the company, as well as for Scotland and the UK’s net zero ambitions”. 


Bio Capital works with local authorities, food manufacturers and retail chains. 

The Barkip and Energen sites produce renewable energy which is then supplied directly to the national grid. 

Bio Capital has said the Biomethane that is created in the digestion process is “100% renewable and a low carbon alternative to natural gas or LNG.” 

It has reported that while the gas releases some CO2 when burned, it is still “technically carbon-neutral” because methane emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere when the food waste decomposes in landfill “are captured and repurposed as an energy source”. 

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